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Did you know that your favorite roadside restaurant was featured on the Travel Channel? That's right! On March 27, 2013, "Most Extreme Truck stops" called Berky's Restaurant "hands down the tastiest truck stop in America"!


See what all this fuss is about for yourself - explore the extensive menu and discover their great buffet options.

Featured on the Travel Channel

Two great dining environments for

the whole family

Berky's Restaurant is the perfect place for your family to stop on a trip, with great food and savings for the adults and a playful atmosphere for the kids.


If you're traveling through Virginia, be sure to visit Berky's Restaurant's two unique dining areas: "The Pedal Car Diner" and "The Toy Cafe."

All about the restaurant

There is always more news, event information and all the latest specials on the Berky's Restaurant Facebook page.

• Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• Kids eat FREE with adult purchase

• Buffets from breakfast to seafood

• Antique toy museum the whole family will love

The perfect family destination

Seafood buffet

Every Friday night, a bountiful spread of seafood.

5pm - 10pm, $14.99

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